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You can find the superb meeting / Furano, Hokkaido


Petit-hotel #MELON is a small SOCIAL HOTEL located at the mid Kitanomine in Furano.

One SOCIAL HOTEL was renovated from an old accommodation for B&B which has been popular so long time in 2015, since then it has been reborn.

It is not kind of a fancy hostel, however, you can have the best memories with LOCAL and WARMFUL STAY with us, and the magnificent natural landscapes in Furano will entertain you.






The City is famous for Lavender in summer, and powder snow in winter.


We introduce the places where you should go,

not just famous sightseeing areas, but breathtaking spots that only few LOCALs know,

plus good out-of-the-way places, and more!

Now, petit-hotel #MELON highly recommends…

WHAT to do?

For those who come to Furano for the first time,

even you have ever visited Furano countless times,

We would like EVERYBODY to feel great attractions

which you never experienced in Furano.

Having like these feelings, petit-hotel #MELON suggest

how you enjoy the most in Furano.

Now, petit-hotel #MELON highly recommends…


We are ready for 7-type, in total 13 rooms, in order to relax forgetting everything you feel tired, difficult or kind of that every day.

It is available for every require you may have; a couple, friends, and family use.

Twin room

Double room

Recommended for friends

or family travels.

Recommend for a couple, of course.

But also recommended for single trip.


5 min. from “Furano station”- petit-hotel#MELON by car

1 min. from “Hotel Naturwald stop”- petit hotel#MELON on foot

*you need to take a bus from Furano station

**it takes less 10min


In order you to visit our place smoothly, we show you ACCESS INFO

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