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The City is famous for Lavender in summer, and powder snow in winter.


We introduce the places where you should go,

not just famous sightseeing areas, but breathtaking spots that only few LOCALs know,

plus good out-of-the-way places, and more!

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Lavender farm


Since you visit Furano, might as well see bloomed lavender farm filling a huge ground.

Although you may have ever heard “Farm TOMITA”, you can find amazing spots which are not so much well-known.

Hokusei Municipal
Lavender Garden

Most standard place, Farm TOMITA

Can’t help being excited once you observe Lavender with your own eyes

Only here in Furano, you can enter Lavender Farm.

Stunning views from the top of the gondola lift stop.

Hinode Park
Lavender Garden

A hidden spot, but wonderful in Kamifurano.

You might feel like you are in the Heaven

You cannot miss it.


This is another farm close to Farm TOMITA.

Spreading very large lavender farm You can’t see like this view ONLY HERE not in other places in Japan.

Blue pond


BIEI-city, next to Furano.

Blue Pond, close to Shirogane-onsen, was selected as an official image of Apple with its mysterious visual.

Every three days you can observe
SEA of CLOUDS in summer

Furano ropeway

Photo spot in the mid ropeway
You can shoot photogenic pictures: all Furano city

Furano, is shaped to create Sea of Clouds easily, is said “they appear every three days in summer” Why don’t you get up early a little bit, and get on Furano Ropeway bringing a cup of coffee on your left hand.

Even if they do not show up in front of you, your day will begin with a wonderful city view…

Don’t you know the secrets how to create tasty ones?
Furano Cheese Factory

Here you know Cheese made by Furano Milk.

You can get many kinds of gifts or souvenir,

and also make fresh cheese and pizza with

your own hands. You can enjoy through these programs

Factory Tour

Furano Wine Factory

A local speciality, “Furano Wine” is produced this winery. Not just knowing the manufacturing process, but sampling. Lavender farm, outside of the factory, is a hidden beautiful spot. Do not forget to watch it!

Furano Jam ​Factory

Here deals with many types of jams made from diverse fruitsEverybody goes to tasting-corner, so you should go as well.

It is apart from Central Furano city, it is better to visit when driving.

BIEI next to Furano

You can see beautiful flowers at SHIKISAI-no-OKA, which is on a quiet hilly area.

The scenery of agricultural landscapes is also fantastic. Any drivers or cyclists can’t miss it. Are there any reasons not to see with your true eyes?


Shikisai no Oka

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