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Furano Ski Resort is only 30 seconds walk away from our hotel. They offer a variety of slopes from beginner courses to off-piste powder runs. You can also take English Ski / Snowboard lessons at FISS (Furano International Snowsports School) if you wish. Please, check the link below.

富良野スキー場のHPはコチラ >>

Visit the Website of Furano Ski Resort >>





​If you truly want to enjoy "Furano Powder", which is sometimes said to be the best snow in Japan, the best way is Backcountry  skiing / snowboarding. Several tours of CAT skiing and Backcountry are available in Furano. Please see the link below. Let's explore powder terrain with no tacks ! 


音江パウダーキャットのHPはコチラ >>

​CAT tour including free pick up from Furano

Visit the Website of "OTOE Powder Cat" >>


北海道パウダーガイドのHPはコチラ >>

​Backcounrty tours in Furano and Daisetsu Area

Visit the Website of "Hokkaido Powder Guides" >>


旭岳ロープウェーのHPはコチラ >>

Around 1 hour drive from our hotel. Lift accessible BC area

Visit the Website of "Asahidake Ropeway" >>


Other Activities



Enjoy and feel Furano in various ways ? Then check out this site. Please select your favorite activities from those written on the site below; Asobiya is waiting for you with Snowmobiling, Hot-Air-Balloon Flight and other exciting tours.

レジャーガイド・遊び屋はコチラ >>

Visit the wibsite of "Tour Gide Asobiya" >>





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