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We would like EVERYBODY to feel great attractions

which you never experienced in Furano.

Having like these feelings,

petit-hotel #MELON suggest how you enjoy the most in Furano.





The best way to feel the great nature in Furano.     

Feel cool and refreshing air on the cycling road.

Recommend, rent a bicycle at the Biei station,

and go heading to Shikisai-no-Oka.

If you are confident of your stamina,

try to go to The Hill of MildSeven.

Remember, you protect your skin

from the sun and prevent heat stroke!



So long road that you can't see its end in Kamifurano, hilly areas in Biei, agricultural landscapes in Yamabe,

pastureland at the bottom of Taisetsuzan mountains, Blue Pond in Biei…

EVERYTHING you can feel a great nature.

Biei's onion fields continue.

The hilly area is an idyllic sight that can only be seen here

The drive on the snow road is thrilling

at the winter Furano.

The autumn leaves of Furano in autumn are a niche!

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